Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I was excited to go an Asian place – Little Tokyo – with my roommate. You can look at Japanese style buildings in a western country. It is a very special time for me. There are a lot to see like shops and restaurants.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 3.47.14 pm.png


There are many Japanese restaurants and the comments on Yelp for most of them are great. Therefore, we picked one of them to have our lunch. They have special lunch with a good deal. Although the price is little lower than others, the quality is great.

Sorry that we are hungry 😛


Dessert / Shops

Honeymee is one of famous ice-cream shop in Korea. Although this is Little Tokyo, there is Korean dessert. I order “Dear Chocolate“. It is yummy. Actually I love chocolate.


This is one of the shops in Little Tokyo. The building looks like those in Japan. LOL. They have Japanese style souvenirs.


Hotel nearby

DoubleTree by Hilton is a hotel in Little Tokyo. There is a Japanese-styled garden for guests. We visited there and of course we got kicked out because we did not know the garden is for guest only. Although we just stayed for two minutes, it is worth. And, we took photos :P.



Job Fair

Wherever I am, I barely go to job fairs. However, I am in Los Angeles. It may be harder for international students to find a job because of identity issue. Most employers would like to have a long-term relationship with their employees. It is understandable.

So, what we need to do is trying to expose ourselves as much as possible. Going to job fair is one of the methods. Last week, I went to a job fair in Sheraton Cerritos Hotel. It was pretty cool because those companies prepared gifts for job seekers. YAY.

I took a charger and a “cushion” for putting the cell phone. I do not think I will get a call/job from them, but I would keep looking.

By the way, I am happy with my gifts !

Driving License

I have not been for a month. I am pretty busy lately. What I was busy for? I was busy for getting driving license, and also my internship (work). Eventually, I got it. And I received the license today. Many Chinese people said they have taken a few times for driving tests. Fortunately, I passed it on my second time. I thought I would pass on the first time. The reason I cannot pass is that I did not know the rule here. I failed when I turned right on a red light. I should stop, and pull forward, then go. I missed the step of “pull forward”. Anyways, I got my driving license now. Happy LOL.

I would like to share some of the tips with you:

  1. Turn left without green arrow: after the light turns green, move your car forward halfway, you can go until there is no traffic from the opposite.
  2. When you are ready to turn to left or right, lean your car to the left or right (eg. lean to the right side of the road if you intend to turn right), check the traffic.
  3. Turn red at red light: Stop at the light, pull forward a little bit until you can see the traffic. Turn right when there is no traffic.
  4. Check the traffic occasionally when you stop, or turn because you have to be careful of pedestrians.

Driving experience between Hong Kong and USA

You can say the driving test is easier than in Hong Kong because the road here is much wider. In addition, Los Angeles is less traffic than in Hong Kong. I am worried of one thing – speed. The speed here is “mile”, which is 1.6 times faster.

I want to share one moment with you, which is the scenery on the mountain when I practiced driving. The road in the mountain was narrow. However, the sunset was extremely great on the top of the mountain. Pretty cool.


On the way back, I saw a spider on the road. Scary !


To Florida

I have not been touching my blog for a month. I am glad to be back to my blog and would like to share my holiday last week. I visited my family in Florida. The trip was nice and the accommodation was great. Why was it great? I stayed in my uncle’s home. He has a big house like the wealthy people in Hong Kong. Honestly, you never can have that big house in Hong Kong even though you are from a pretty wealthy family because Hong Kong is a small place. LOL.

The first day I arrived there, I ate the most delicious breakfast in my life – oatmeal. Amazing place, amazing breakfast, and amazing family build a beautiful holiday for me.



We went to a few places like The John Marbles Ringling Museum, beach, park, and shopping. In Ringling Museum, I could see treasure pictures which are “real”. I saw a beautiful garden, and a great scenery near the sea.

The John Marbles Ringling Museum

We went to the beach in the evening.


My aunt took us to a nice spot that were many yachts. Those yachts are for fishing and boat parties.

This holiday is pretty special for me since I could celebrate mid-autumn festival ( a big Chinese festival ) with my family in United States. One of the bad thing was my mom did not come to United States.

One week after, I needed to come back Los Angeles. They continue their trip in NYC. LOL


Friend from Far Away, me or her?

I have not been here for a little while. Sometimes, I am busy for projects. Sometimes, I am busy with friends 🙂 I really like the life here.

Today, I would like to share another happy moment. I could meet up with my “Hong Kong” friend. She married to here for years but not in Los Angeles. Therefore, I am not sure who visit who. LOL. The moment was cool. We hung out in Hong Kong sometimes. Now, we can meet in Santa Monica. Its pretty cool.

We had a great time at Salt and Straw. The flavors of ice-cream are great. I ordered Freckled Woodblock Chocolate. The chocolate tastes salty, which is special. I am sure that I would go back there. Actually, I scheduled with another friend to have ice-cream. ^.^”. I can’t wait to have it.


Nice Hangout

I was happy that I could go out with more friends. I hanged out with my lovely friend last Thursday. We went to The Grove (the mall nearby) again. It was extremely hot (as usual) LOL.

I am alone most of the time. I was really happy that I could hang out with my lovely friend. We love The Grove since the environment is very nice. The Grove has a lovely fountain that different styles of splash come out occasionally.

There is a train track; people can look around the mall by taking the train. There was not much time for us to hang around longer. We are sure that we would go back.

Forgot to take a picture for our nice ice cream and nice drink. 😛


Have a walk

Today, I planned to have cookies, but the cookies cafe I went was closed. I did not know before I went. LOL. ( a mistake of me 😛 ). I did not go back home but I changed my plan to go to the mall – The Grove. I had walked under the sun for 20 minutes. Although the sun was not nice to me, I enjoyed walking. Walking is a healthy activity. I recommend everyone can walk 30 minutes a day to keep yourself healthy ^.^

When I walk from the cookies place to the mall, I saw many luxury houses. That area is quiet and comfortable. I am glad that I could have a walk there.

I planned to have cookies, right? I could not have cookies today, so I get myself and ice-cream. It was nice. I love it. I love the place. I should take more pictures of that place. No worries, I scheduled another time going with my friend; it would be 2 days later. I am sure that I would take more pictures. 😛

Although I have not many images today, I would like to share what I took. I do love palm trees here. They are cool.