Traveled Back to Hong Kong in early November (Part 1)

I would like to talk about Hong Kong Street Food in Part 1.

I have been busy to come on here. After completing projects, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I get a chance to come on here. And, I also get a chance to talk about Hong Kong on this blog because I went back Hong Kong in early November.

After 18-hour flight (including a stop in Korea), I could meet my friends and family. The first thing I want to share is Hong Kong street food. The first street food is Waffles. We call it “Kai Da Chai” (Cantonese). The shape of the waffles is made for eating when walking. You can just tear off one small piece. You can actually find this food in a cafe in San Gabriel. In Los Angeles, I would get Churros; In Hong Kong, I would get this waffles. You could get waffles many places in Hong Kong.


Another food street is Rice noodles. People usually eat it with a lot of sauces: soy sauce, sweet sauce, and peanuts sauce. For me, I love to add peanuts sauce only. There it looks plain.


The follow snack was from a big mall called SOGO in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Chocolate paste filled inside a crispy cookie. Honestly, that was first time to eat it. 😛 Beware that the currency of the price is HKD. Therefore, this snack costed $2 only.


Hong Kong people are busy. I guess this is a typical life in city. We love fast but we have a Hong Kong’s one. We call it Hong Kong cafe. ( I would call it Hong Kong fast food instead). We call this type of restaurant “Cha Chaan Teng“.

I have wanted the food for a long time after I came to United States but I have no chance to have one. I had had food there for a few times when I went back Hong Kong.




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