Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I was excited to go an Asian place – Little Tokyo – with my roommate. You can look at Japanese style buildings in a western country. It is a very special time for me. There are a lot to see like shops and restaurants.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 3.47.14 pm.png


There are many Japanese restaurants and the comments on Yelp for most of them are great. Therefore, we picked one of them to have our lunch. They have special lunch with a good deal. Although the price is little lower than others, the quality is great.

Sorry that we are hungry 😛


Dessert / Shops

Honeymee is one of famous ice-cream shop in Korea. Although this is Little Tokyo, there is Korean dessert. I order “Dear Chocolate“. It is yummy. Actually I love chocolate.


This is one of the shops in Little Tokyo. The building looks like those in Japan. LOL. They have Japanese style souvenirs.


Hotel nearby

DoubleTree by Hilton is a hotel in Little Tokyo. There is a Japanese-styled garden for guests. We visited there and of course we got kicked out because we did not know the garden is for guest only. Although we just stayed for two minutes, it is worth. And, we took photos :P.



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