Driving License

I have not been for a month. I am pretty busy lately. What I was busy for? I was busy for getting driving license, and also my internship (work). Eventually, I got it. And I received the license today. Many Chinese people said they have taken a few times for driving tests. Fortunately, I passed it on my second time. I thought I would pass on the first time. The reason I cannot pass is that I did not know the rule here. I failed when I turned right on a red light. I should stop, and pull forward, then go. I missed the step of “pull forward”. Anyways, I got my driving license now. Happy LOL.

I would like to share some of the tips with you:

  1. Turn left without green arrow: after the light turns green, move your car forward halfway, you can go until there is no traffic from the opposite.
  2. When you are ready to turn to left or right, lean your car to the left or right (eg. lean to the right side of the road if you intend to turn right), check the traffic.
  3. Turn red at red light: Stop at the light, pull forward a little bit until you can see the traffic. Turn right when there is no traffic.
  4. Check the traffic occasionally when you stop, or turn because you have to be careful of pedestrians.

Driving experience between Hong Kong and USA

You can say the driving test is easier than in Hong Kong because the road here is much wider. In addition, Los Angeles is less traffic than in Hong Kong. I am worried of one thing – speed. The speed here is “mile”, which is 1.6 times faster.

I want to share one moment with you, which is the scenery on the mountain when I practiced driving. The road in the mountain was narrow. However, the sunset was extremely great on the top of the mountain. Pretty cool.


On the way back, I saw a spider on the road. Scary !



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