To Florida

I have not been touching my blog for a month. I am glad to be back to my blog and would like to share my holiday last week. I visited my family in Florida. The trip was nice and the accommodation was great. Why was it great? I stayed in my uncle’s home. He has a big house like the wealthy people in Hong Kong. Honestly, you never can have that big house in Hong Kong even though you are from a pretty wealthy family because Hong Kong is a small place. LOL.

The first day I arrived there, I ate the most delicious breakfast in my life – oatmeal. Amazing place, amazing breakfast, and amazing family build a beautiful holiday for me.



We went to a few places like The John Marbles Ringling Museum, beach, park, and shopping. In Ringling Museum, I could see treasure pictures which are “real”. I saw a beautiful garden, and a great scenery near the sea.

The John Marbles Ringling Museum

We went to the beach in the evening.


My aunt took us to a nice spot that were many yachts. Those yachts are for fishing and boat parties.

This holiday is pretty special for me since I could celebrate mid-autumn festival ( a big Chinese festival ) with my family in United States. One of the bad thing was my mom did not come to United States.

One week after, I needed to come back Los Angeles. They continue their trip in NYC. LOL



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