Have a walk

Today, I planned to have cookies, but the cookies cafe I went was closed. I did not know before I went. LOL. ( a mistake of me 😛 ). I did not go back home but I changed my plan to go to the mall – The Grove. I had walked under the sun for 20 minutes. Although the sun was not nice to me, I enjoyed walking. Walking is a healthy activity. I recommend everyone can walk 30 minutes a day to keep yourself healthy ^.^

When I walk from the cookies place to the mall, I saw many luxury houses. That area is quiet and comfortable. I am glad that I could have a walk there.

I planned to have cookies, right? I could not have cookies today, so I get myself and ice-cream. It was nice. I love it. I love the place. I should take more pictures of that place. No worries, I scheduled another time going with my friend; it would be 2 days later. I am sure that I would take more pictures. 😛

Although I have not many images today, I would like to share what I took. I do love palm trees here. They are cool.



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