Enjoy Life


Weather here is great. I enjoy the weather here (I got tanned a little bit :P). I enjoy the life here. I get used to here that I can do what I used to do in Hong Kong. For example, I can go jogging. I jog in the park near my home. Although there is no running track, they have sand track which is great.

Two days ago, I jogged in the park. A cute little boy jogged with me. He turned his head back sometimes to check with me. It’s cute and lovely. It seems that someone was jogging with me. LOL. Here is the park I jog.

Eating out

Last evening, I ate out near by my home. The area was nice. I love it. What I ate was a “bowl”. Rice underneath and meat, corns, lettuce, tomatoes on the top. The portion of this dish is relatively small compared to other American dishes. It is suitable for me if I do not want to get fat. :P.

I rarely see the pocket napkins here although I know Kleenex has pocket napkins. Therefore, I took a picture with my pocket napkin deliberately. LOL. It seems that I only see it in Hong Kong. 😛

Usually restaurants here will provide napkins. I believe this is the reason that people do not need a pocket napkins ^.^



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