Passing by Beverly Hill

Beverly Hill (zip code: 90210) is an expensive residential area in Los Angeles. Yesterday was my first time to pass by. This area is very clean.The first thing i did was sharing the pictures through Facebook since my friends and me remember the TV show “90210”. We remember those actors and actress studying in high school and living near Beverly Hill. It was interesting that I could stood on the area “90210”.

It also reminds me that this area is as expensive as The Peak in the Hong Kong. They both are expensive residential area.

The style of the housing in Beverly Hill is different from Hong Kong’s ones. They look elegant, stylish, and exotic. It seems that this area is for royal families.

You may check out the link of Hong Kong’s luxury housing to have a comparison. Although the luxury housing in Hong Kong are nice, it is more crowded.

Hong Kong’s luxury housing:




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