Extremely hot – Semester Break

Extremely Hot

My first summer in LA. Wow, its extremely hot. Although the temperature difference between day and night is quite large, it is hot in night. The weather here is pretty like HK. However, HK is more humid. I thought I could manage the heat here but I just found that I need AC. I am enjoying AC at home now. yay 🙂

Semester Break

Except summer, these few days is my “semester break”. Basically, I do not have semester break because summer quarter will start tomorrow. I ate churros again but it was too much. I start to get tired of churros. lol.

I planned to practice driving or go to SF. But all the plans went away. Why? I am not sure. What I did were enjoying the life nearby, went to DMV to make appointment and “doing 2 finals”

Blaze on the hill

In this hot summer, an unhappy news happened, which there was blaze on the hill yesterday. I am not sure if the blaze has been put out yet. I hope everything would be fine.


I do have too much to see here. Enjoy!


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